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Cobre™ Copper NiTi Wire

Available in a three force series with well-controlled tooth-moving loads within each lot, from lot-to-lot, and in relation to wire size progression. Low stress hysteresis and great ductility. Get the low force, the wire ‘feel’, and the results you want and expect.

Our Support - Wire Basics

Efficient forces, increased patient comfort, and ease of treatment.

Just as the hallmark of orthodontic treatment is Andrew’s six keys to occlusion we like to think that there are six key features to consider when selecting the proper archwire. Get these tuned, and the motor is running!

Choosing the right product


The primary aspect of an orthodontic wire is the material. Ultimate offers a variety of materials so that the proper force can be utilized at each stage of treatment. To meet the needs of your doctors, we specialize in

Refer to Material Selection for material attributes, comparative information, and even a suggested use chart.

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Arch Form

With over 1.5 million parts in stock on a daily basis, Ultimate can turn your order around quickly. In fact, our wide offering includes over 50 different forms! As well, should you want a custom arch form, our engineers will be glad to work with you on its development.


Keeping the focus on efficient biological forces, patient comfort, and ease of treatment has led Ultimate to the development of several new forces within the basic material groups.

Force Charts are available for each wire Ultimate offers. The Bending Forces of ßIII-CNA® and Solid Stainless Steel wires is also available within this area.

A video of the 'Z-bend test', shows you a simple, in-the-hand technique that lets you feel and 'see' the difference between superelastic and heat-activated Nickel Titanium wires at room temperature. The Z-bend test exemplifies what the doctor would feel during ligation of these wires. Our thermal (heat-activated) wires, including Gradient-3®, exhibit measurably more force at body temperature.

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Wire Size

Looking for a light wire for aligning or a rectangle wire to fill a slot for more torque? Ultimate’s product offerings are available in a wide variety of wire sizes. Specific product pages within the Wire section will indicate sizes available for each of our archwires.

A Metric Conversion Chart is also available for your convenience.

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Wire Benefits

When you need to know what a specific wire can do, refer to its’ product page in the Wire section. Product highlights such as brand names, product features, and product benefits can be found for each of our offerings.

To clarify things a bit more, we offer Our Support, too. Here you can find FAQ's, Helpful Links, and even a Video and Document Library to strengthen the foundation behind the offerings. You’ll also find a Glossary, a NiTi Max. Bend Angles sheet, and more in our Reference Sheets!

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