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Our Support - Material Selection

As the science of orthodontics evolves, Ultimate’s R&D Department answers the need with wires to meet your customers' specific treatment plans! Here you will find the technical details behind these wires.

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Choosing the Best Materials for the Application

Material Comparison Graphs

Material Usage Chart

Material Attributes

Cobre Copper Nickel Titanium Wire

The addition of Copper to the Nickel Titanium alloy provides for easy ligation, true thermal performance, superior ductility, and near-constant forces throughout treatment.

Cobre Copper Nickel Titanium is a three-series offering, providing forces across multiple stages of treatment; Cobre C1 with higher forces, Cobre C2 with middle forces, and Cobre C3 exhibiting the lowest forces.

Cobre Copper NiTi wire forces are tightly controlled to provide the clinician with consistent, known forces from lot-to-lot and within a logical progression of force-to-wire size.

Specific product information on our Cobre Copper NiTi archwires can be found within the Cobre Copper Nickel Titanium page.

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Nickel Titanium Wire

(NiTi -approximately 55% Ni and 45% Ti):

Ideal for alignment and leveling in early to mid-stages of treatment. All NiTi wires exhibit a unique “Superelastic” behavior.

Superelastic behavior provides:

In addition, Nickel Titanium wire may also demonstrate a heat-activated "Shape Memory" effect produced through a tightly controlled manufacturing process.

Ultra Therm® Plus, Ultra Therm®, and Gradient-3® wires are shape memory, heat-activated wires.

Shape memory properties exhibited by heat-activated, or thermal, Nickel Titanium wires:

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Black-Ti® Nickel Titanium Wire

(NiTi -approximately 55% Ni and 45% Ti):

Your customers will love the efficiency of our Black-Ti superelastic premium wires! Ultimate Wireforms developed this ultra smooth, hard black surface nickel titanium wire engineered specifically for reduced friction and efficient tooth movement.

Specific product information on our entire Nickel Titanium Wire line, which includes
Superelastic 1, Black-Ti® SE, Ultra Therm® Plus, Ultra Therm®, Gradient-3®, Torqued,
CTA®, Utility and Reverse Curve of Spee wires, can be found in the Nickel Titanium Wire section.

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ßIII-CNA® Wire

ßIII-CNA® wire provides the solution to current mid-stage treatment limitations. Greater elasticity than stainless steel. Better formability than Nickel Titanium. This is the perfect replacement for stainless steel. As well, with stiffness between NiTi and stainless steel, it is ideal for use right through finishing.

Better than Stainless Steel A Great Partner to Follow NiTi
  • 2X the elastic tooth-moving distance.
  • More activation per wire.
  • Better patient comfort.
  • Ni-Free (79Ti, 11Mo, 6Zr, 4Sn).
  • Stiffness perfect for mid- and late stages of treatment.
  • Significantly greater bend ductility.
  • Easily accepts 1st and 2nd order bends.

Specific product information on our ßIII-CNA® Wire line, which includes Archwires and Lengths, as well as CTA® and Looped Arches, can be found within the ßIII-CNA® Wire pages.

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Stainless Steel Solid Bright Wire

Our archwires are manufactured from medical grade 304V Stainless Steel material (70% Fe, 19% Cr, 9% Ni, 1.5% Mn, 0.5% Si). These archwires can be used throughout treatment but are best suited for mid- to late stages of treatment.

Stainless Steel Solid Goldtone Wire

A precise heat treatment of solid stainless steel wire produces slightly higher force levels.

Stainless Steel Multi-strand (Bright) Wire

Ultimate’s three types of multi-strand wires made of medical grade Type 302SS (71% Fe, 18% Cr, 9% Ni, 1% Mn, 0.5% Si) are well suited for early stages of treatment as well as the finishing stage of detailing and retention. Lower forces and better resiliency than solid Stainless Steel.

Specific product information on our Stainless Steel Wire line, which includes Solid, 3-Strand, Coax, and 8-Braid wires as well as Looped, and Utility arches can be found within the Stainless Steel Wire pages.

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Material Comparison Graphs

The following graph provide a quick reference of comparative forces for Ultimate Wireforms’ wire offerings. Testing was performed on wire sizes of comparable cross-sectional size so that the relation of forces and permanent deformation can be seen. For specific material and wire size data, please refer to the appropriate force chart found in the Our Support section.

Relational Forces

The Nickel Titanium “family” of wires provide near-constant light to moderate forces over a long activation range. Comparably sized stainless steel wire exhibits the highest ligating and tooth-moving force with a very short activation range. ßIII-CNA® wire with its moderate stiffness, excellent formability and extended activation range makes it the "wire of choice" for mid- to late stage treatments.

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Elastic Range

The useful range equates to the length of time the wire is active in tooth-moving. The elastic range is measured with test methods used in determining the stiffness values required for ISO 15841. The stiffer the material, the shorter its elastic range will be at any load level.

Stainless steel has a very short elastic range due to its high stiffness. By comparison, ßIII-CNA®wires exhibit more than twice the elastic range at similar tooth forces thus, allowing for twice the tooth movement as stainless steel at comparable force levels. This makes ßIII-CNA®  wires a smart replacement for stainless steel in mid- and late treatment. Due to its comparably low force and very long elastic range, NiTi remains the popular choice for aligning and leveling.

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Material Usage Chart

Suggested Stages of Treatment

Ultimate Wireforms offers archwires in a variety of materials to address early-to late stages of treatment most efficiently. The quality controlled, dependable characteristics of our premium archwires allow your doctors to treat each case with confidence.

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