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Even Force™ Springs
Our unique NiTi extension springs exhibit near-constant force through their return and maintain that force to 3X extension of their active coil length without deformation! Available in 9 and 12mm lengths and five force levels.

Our Support - Force Charts

It’s an open and shut case!

In orthodontics, it’s all about opening, closing, moving, rotating, and more! Accomplishing the objective safely and efficiently requires the right force, in the right direction, for the right amount of time. Whether your doctor has a new application or you are trying to match a competitor’s product, knowing force characteristics is key.

3-Point Bend Test

Thorough testing of materials ensures our products are meeting our exacting parameters. Within a controlled environment, three-point bend tests are performed to determine loading and unloading forces, as well as permanent set data, for our orthodontic wires. During the three-point bend test, a load cell is brought into contact with a segment of wire and deflected in accordance with the Orthodontic Wire Standard ISO 15841. Measurements are taken of the loading (ligating) and unloading (tooth-moving) forces at prescribed intervals. The resulting graph reflects these forces, as well as the permanent deformation value, for the particular wire.

Representative 3-Point Bend Test graph of loading and unloading forces for a Nickel Titanium wire. The upper line being the ligating (loading) forces and lower line representing the tooth-moving (unloading) forces. The near horizontal tooth-moving force line is indicative of the low, consistent forces produced by NiTi wires during treatment. The permanent deformation point, or return point of permanent set, is near zero for Nickel Titanium wires.


Be sure to compare date based on the same variables!

Different spans or deflection produce different results.
Don't be fooled by lower loads or decreased hysteresis due to testing of increased spans!

Ultimate Wireforms performs 3-Point Bend Tests using a 10mm span to a 3.1mm deflection, in accordance with ISO 15841:2006.

Ultimate Wireforms’ Force Charts

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