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Cobre™ Copper NiTi Wire

Available in a three force series with well-controlled tooth-moving loads within each lot, from lot-to-lot, and in relation to wire size progression. Low stress hysteresis and great ductility. Get the low force, the wire ‘feel’, and the results you want and expect.


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          - Cobre™ Copper Nickel Titanium
          - NiTi
              - Pre-Stopped Archwires
              - Black-Ti®
              - Superelastic 1
              - Ultra Therm® Plus
              - Ultra Therm
              - Gradient-3®
              - Reverse Curve of Spee
             - Torqued Arches
             - CTA® Arches
             - Utility Arches
         - ßIII-CNA®
              - Solid
              - CTA® Arches
              - Looped Arches
          - Stainless Steel
              - Solid
              - 3 Strand Lingual Retainer
              - Multi-Strand
              - Looped
              - Utility
          - Arch Form Chart
          - NiTi
              - Compression
              - Extension
              - Distalizing
              - Neet Separating
              - Class II
          - SS Extension and Compression
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          - SCORE® Assembly
          - Ball Hooks
          - Crimpable Stops and Locks
          - Ties
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