Our Relationship - Ethics Compliance Program

Ensuring Trust Through Compliance

As a medical device manufacturer, we have established our Ethics Compliance Program, based on the Adva Med Code of Ethics, to enable our employees to meet Federal and State laws in relation to interactions with Health Care Professionals.

Ultimate Wireforms, Inc.

Ultimate Wireforms' Ethics Compliance is governed by the following:

Ultimate Wireforms shall encourage and abide by ethical business practices and socially responsible industry conduct and shall not engage in any unlawful inducement.


Should you suspect a violation of our Code of Ethics (available upon request), you may submit information to our Ethics Compliance Committee for investigation. Please read the following carefully in determining the best route of submittal.

Ultimate Wireforms does not condone any conduct that is, or can be perceived as, unethical. We take pride in being a leader in our community and expect the same from our employees. As a medical device manufacturer, we have established our Ethics Compliance Program, based on the Adva Med Code of Ethics, to enable our employees to meet Federal and State laws in this regard and expect our distributors to abide by these laws as well.

If you, in good faith, believe or suspect that an Ultimate Wireforms’ employee has engaged in unethical behavior under the regulations incorporated within the Ultimate Wireforms’ Ethics Code, we ask that you complete a Non-compliance Report Form so that we may investigate the occurrence fully. All reports will be taken seriously and no special consideration will be given to any employee suspected of such activity.

You have the option of reporting anonymously through the electronic
form below or through a hard-copy Report Form.

Hard copies of the Report Form are readily available to employees and are available to others via download here or by contacting Ultimate Wireforms directly by mail [Ultimate Wireforms, Inc., Ethics Compliance Committee, 200 Central Street, Bristol, CT 06010 USA], phone 860.582.9111, or email. Completed hard copies of this Report Form may be mailed to Ultimate Wireforms at the above address or submitted via the upload documents area of the Ethics Compliance page of this website. Be advised that your anonymity is lessened or may be lost following your contact via phone, mail, or email.

Electronic Non-compliance Report Form

Your Information

You have the right to make your report anonymously by not completing Section 1 of the Report Form below. However, please keep in mind that it is possible that the Compliance Investigation Committee may not be able to fully investigate the incident without additional information. Your provision of your contact information will allow the Committee to contact you should they need additional information. When making a report in good faith, you are protected, by law, from retaliation.

SECTION 1 - Only complete this section if you agree to disclose your information.

SECTION 2 - Your report of suspected non-compliance.

Please provide as much detail as possible so that a thorough investigation may take place. Be aware that the Compliance Investigation Committee will investigate the event based on facts you provide. The outcome of the investigation and/or actions taken may be hindered by incomplete or inaccurate information. Ultimate Wireforms takes every report seriously. If it is found that this report is not made in good faith, Ultimate Wireforms may pursue appropriate consequences for the reporter.

Thank you for your input.

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