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Cobre™ Copper NiTi Wire

Available in a three force series with well-controlled tooth-moving loads within each lot, from lot-to-lot, and in relation to wire size progression. Low stress hysteresis and great ductility. Get the low force, the wire ‘feel’, and the results you want and expect.

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With over 25 years in the orthodontic wire business, Ultimate knows what you need! Our in-house R&D Department has developed wires with consistent forces and finish. We offer Cobre™ Copper Nickel Titanium archwires with low stress hysteresis, near-constant tooth-moving forces, and smooth progression of transformation temperatures across three wire series; Nickel Titanium arches with superior shape memory characteristics and superelastic properties; our own nickel-free ßIII-CNA® wires, with excellent formability; and Stainless Steel solid and multi-strand wires.

 Cobre™ Copper Nickel Titanium A three series offering.

 Nickel Titanium (NiTi)


 Stainless Steel

 Arch Form Chart

Not sure where to begin? Material Selection provides more detail and an in-depth comparison of Nickel-Titanium, ßIII-CNA®, and Stainless Steel wires.

The material is just one of 6 key features to consider when selecting an orthodontic archwire. Wire Basics will help you to 'unlock' the treasure of Ultimate's archwire offerings.

'Wire' is in our name for a reason; we know wire.

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