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Flat Lingual Retainer Wire

A bondable, flat wire for retention of tooth position. Designed for ductility similar to 8-braid retainer wire. Now available in 6" and 60" lengths!

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Stainless Steel Looped Arches

Stainless Steel Keyhole LoopedStainless Steel Keyhole Looped archwires are available in 2-and 4-loop options.

Accurate placement and consistent shape of our Keyhole Loops ensure your customers great results!

Arch Forms The size of the arch forms is proportional to the anterior loop spacing; see arch forms below for reference.
Wire Sizes 2- and 4-Loop: .016 x .022   .017 x .025   .019 x .025
4-Loop only: .021 x .025
Anterior Loop Spacing for 2- and 4-Keyhole Loops (measured from center of mesial loops):
  22 – 44mm, in 2mm increments

Stainless Steel Keyhole Looped Arch Forms

Anterior Loop Spacing indicated within associated Arch Form.

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