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Cobre™ Copper NiTi Wire

Available in a three force series with well-controlled tooth-moving loads within each lot, from lot-to-lot, and in relation to wire size progression. Low stress hysteresis and great ductility. Get the low force, the wire ‘feel’, and the results you want and expect.

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Nickel Titanium (NiTi) Pre-Stopped Archwires


Two crimpable tube stops are pre-loaded and lightly crimped on archwires to provide the clinician with easy positioning along the arch. With only a light crimp, the tube stops are secured in place.

Material - Available in all NiTi arches
Wire Sizes *  
  Round: .012 through .018
  Square: to a maximum of .020 x .020
  Rectangle: .014 x .025 through .019 x .025
Pre-Stopped Archwire offering is indicated by:
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