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SCORE® Crimpable
Tube Stop Assemblies

Easily handle and thread crimpable tube stops onto wires with these pre-loaded holders! Available in Small (.019" ID tube) or Large (.031" ID tube).

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Nickel Titanium (NiTi)

The Ultimate wire for early and mid-stage treatment.

Superelastic and Shape Memory characteristics provide greater patient comfort, easier ligation, and longer activation time. Our Z-bend test now provides a good visual of these wire aspects.

Moderate forces and a longer activation range allow Nickel Titanium rectangle wire to be used earlier in treatment and to move teeth over a longer period of time.

Through tight control on raw material and our production processes, we are ableto offer a variety of consistent tooth-moving forces ranging from moderate(Superelastic) to light (Heat-activated/Thermal). Heat-activated wiresare soft and pliable at room temperature, allowing the doctor to easily ligate eachpatient while still obtaining the proper forces during treatment.

Nickel Titanium Forces (from Moderate to Light)

With Nickel Titanium's added resiliency, there may be a tendency to over-stress the wire during ligation. To assist your customers in knowing just how far they can bend our NiTi wires, we have created a reference guide. The Nickel Titanium Maximum Bend Angle Guide is one of many Reference Sheets available for download.

Should your customer need more detail regarding Nickel Titanium or how it compares with our other wire offerings, please refer to Material Selection. For key characteristics of archwires, you will find Wire Basics, the Arch Form Chart, and the SDS informative. And, if you need further information to make the sale, we offer Our Support, full of answers ranging from a Glossary to a Metric Conversion Chart and individual product Force Charts. Of course, Your Ultimate Team is just a call away if you need our personal assistance. Let us help you to succeed!

WARNING: Nickel Titanium and Stainless Steel products contain nickel.

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