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3-Strand Flat
Lingual Retainer Wire

A bondable, flat wire for retention of tooth position. Designed with ductility similar to 8-braid retainer wire. Now avialable in 6" and 60" lengths!

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Nickel Titanium (NiTi) Ultra Therm®

Ultra Therm

Ultra Therm is a heat-activated (thermal) wire specifically designed for consistent Af performance and low tooth-moving forces. Ultra Therm wire provides outstanding resiliency and exhibits true thermal performance. Soft at room temperature and in the doctor’s hand, Ultra Therm allows for easy ligation. Outstanding shape integrity.

Arch Forms NAT2, GLOBL, INT, OPTMA™.
Ultra Therm Nickel Titanium wire is also available in 7 inch lengths in select wire sizes.
Forces Ultra Therm.
Wire Sizes Round: .012   .014   .016   .018   .020 (.012 and .020 not available in OPTIMA).
Square: .016 x .016   .018 x .018   .020 x .020
Rectangle: .014 x .025   .016 x .022   .016 x .025   .017 x .025   .018 x .025   .019 x .025   .021 x .025   .021 x .027
Pre-Stopped Available with crimpable tube stops.
Centermark The Dimple® or Etch Centermark.
Custom Packaging See Custom Packaging section.


Force graphs of Ultra Therm wires may be found in the Our Support section.

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