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3-Strand Flat
Lingual Retainer Wire

A bondable, flat wire for retention of tooth position. Designed for ductility similar to 8-braid retention wire.

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Nickel Titanium (NiTi) Reverse Curve of Spee

Ultimate offers five Reverse Curve of Spee (RCS) archwire shapes to meet your correction of curve of spee needs. All are carefully finished to ensure that the wire slides easily through the bracket slot and applies continuous force for ideal movement. RCS can be used for bite correction or, with springs and elastomerics, for retraction.

Available in both Superelastic 2 and heat-activated Ultra Therm® forces.

Superelastic 2 RCS wires provide light to moderate, constant forces. These wires are flexible and exhibit excellent resiliency.

Ultra Therm RCS are shape-memory, heat-activated wires which are soft at room temperature for easy ligation and become fully active in the mouth. The gentle forces remain consistent throughout placement and are noticeably more comfortable for the patient. The superb flexibility reduces the chance of debonding brackets.

RCS1RCS1 is our most popular Reverse Curve of Spee archwire. The moderate radius exerts ideal force for correction of severe curve of spee cases. This shape offers a deeper “rocking chair” radius than our RCS3 archwire.

RCS3RCS3 provides a 'shallower' radius than our RCS1 archwire and, thus, provides a lighter force. It is easier to ligate and provides gentler, more comfortable tooth movement.

RCS4RCS4 has a much tighter arch form and 'toed-in' molar section, providing the capability of molar rotation and re-alignment. This is our most aggressive tooth-moving RCS due to the tight radius.

RCS5RCS5, our specialty arch, with its sweeping, straight legs provides multiple solutions. RCS5 is the answer for tilting back molars for anchorage purposes. It easily puts curve of spee on the upper arch and can be used to torque the molars buccally. Intrusion or extrusion of anterior teeth can also be accomplished. When flipped, it can be used to expand the lower arch. This is truly a multi-function arch!

RCS6RCS6 is a blend of RCS1 and RCS4; an arch with slightly shallower ‘rocking chair’ radius than the RCS1, but not as narrow as the RCS4. The RCS6 arch is perfect for bite opening and closing, leveling and aligning, and deep and open bite correction. This shape is popular in Europe and Asia.

Arch Forms RCS1, 3, 4, 5, and 6
Forces Superelastic 2 (SE2)
Ultra Therm (Not available in RCS4)
Wire Sizes Round: .014   .016   .018   .020
Square: .016 x .016
Rectangle: .016 x .022   .016 x .025   .017 x .025   .018 x .025   .019 x .025
Centermark The Dimple® or Etch Centermark.
Custom Packaging See Custom Packaging section.

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