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Identify and strengthen your brand through custom packaging. Each customized carton holds ten single archwire pouches. Custom envelopes and labels are also available.

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Nickel Titanium (NiTi) Gradient-3®

Gradient 3

Ultimate's R&D Department has developed the 'ultimate' wire for optimal performance and patient comfort. Gradient-3 archwires are produced under strict manufacturing controls to provide three distinct heat-activated (thermal) forces through the arch, while maintaining superior shape integrity!

Graphs depicting the forces of the anterior, bicuspid, and posterior regions, for each wire size, may be found in the Our Support Section.

Median Af temperatures range from 85°F/ 29.4°C for the anterior region to 66°F/18.9°C for the posterior region. The median Af temperature for the bicuspid region falls between these values, approximately 76°F/24.4°C.

3 Distinct force regions of the Gradient-3® Arch

The anterior region has the lowest heat-activated force,as the anterior teeth have the lightest roots.

The bicuspid region has a slightly greater heat-activated force to move the larger rooted bicuspids.

The posterior region has the greatest heat-activated force of the archwire, for moving the strong-rooted molars.


Arch Forms NAT2, GLOBL
Forces Three heat-activated forces, specially designed to apply appropriate force for anterior, bicuspid, and molar regions.
Wire Sizes Round: .016   .018
Square: .016 x .016   .018 x .018   .020 x .020
Rectangle: .016 x .022   .017 x .025   .018 x .025   .019 x .025. .021 x .025
Pre-Stopped Available with crimpable tube stops.
Centermark The Dimple® or Etch Centermark.
Custom Packaging See Custom Packaging section.


Force graphs of Gradient-3 wires may be found in the Our Support section.

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