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Nickel Titanium (NiTi) Black-Ti®

Black Ti

Lower friction equates to faster results! No question about it, Ultimate’s Black-Ti Nickel Titanium wire produces 30% less friction between bracket and wire than traditional Nickel Titanium wire! The ultra smooth, hard black surface allows your customers to get to the finishing stage sooner by providing better sliding mechanics in early and mid-stage treatment. The shiny, black surface is nearly indistinguishable from regular NiTi in the mouth.

Black-Ti Nickel Titanium wire is the choice for your doctors’ superelastic needs. Not only does the surface allow teeth to move faster but Black-Ti is our highest force Nickel Titanium offering.

Forces SE (Superelastic).
Wire Sizes Round: .012   .014   .016   .018   .020
Square: .016 x .016
Rectangle: .014 x .025  .016 x .022   .016 x .025  .017 x .025   .018 x .025   .019 x .025   .021 x .025
Centermark All Black-Ti Archwires are centermarked with the Dimple® Centermark.
Custom Packaging See Custom Packaging section.

Force graphs may be found in the Our Support section.

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