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Single Archwire Packs

Identify and strengthen your brand through custom packaing. Each customized carton holds ten single archwire pouches. Custom envelopes and labels are also available.

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Twice the elastic movement of stainless steel! Formability that rivals stainless steel!

Get twice the tooth-moving distance than stainless steel wire at the same level of force, with a ßIII-CNA® archwire.

Its greater elasticity (vs. stainless steel), greater ductility (vs. NiTi), and moderate tooth-moving forces (vs. stainless steel) make it a great wire to follow NiTi treatment. Longer activation time and better patient comfort in a Nickel-free wire. Time to replace your stainless steel wires for a proven performer for mid-through finishing stages!

ßIII-CNA® Wire

Easy placement of bends and loops at chairside saves time! ßIII-CNA® wire bendability makes it the perfect wire for custom tipping, aligning, space closure, rotation, and tooth movement. The resiliency and moderate tooth-moving force of ßIII-CNA® makes it a great wire for mid- to late stages of treatment.

Working directly with our vendors to draw and roll our own ßIII-CNA® wire to our tight quality specifications ensures that every archwire you purchase has consistently great formability and accurate activation range.

Along with preformed arches and specialized archwires, we offer a wide variety of ßIII-CNA® 14 inch lengths. Large, round wire lengths are ideal as retainer wire in the fabrication of retention appliances and transpalatal/palatal arches. The formability and resiliency of the rectangle and small, round lengths allow for custom fabrication of molar distalizing appliances, spring arches, sectional arches, and other devices where intricate loops and bends are needed.

Should your customer need more detail regarding ßIII-CNA® or how it compares with our other wire offerings, please refer to Material Selection. For key characteristics of archwires, you will find Wire Basics, the Arch Form Chart, and the SDS informative. And, if you need further information to make the sale, we offer Our Support, full of answers ranging from a Glossary to a Metric Conversion Chart and individual product Force Charts. Of course, Your Ultimate Team is just a call away if you need our personal assistance. Let us help you to succeed!

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