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ßIII-CNA® Solid

ßIII-CNA® wire is becoming the wire of choice for mid- through finishing stages of treatment. This nickel-free wire offers twice the elastic movement of stainless steel, while maintaining like formability. With lower bend force levels than stainless steel, it provides more comfort for the patient as well as ease of use by the clinician. Its formability is ideal for chairside placement of loops and bends for space closure, tipping, or focused tooth movement. Lengths are perfect for fabrication of auxiliary arches, retainer and palatal appliances, as well as devices requiring intricate bends or loops.

Arch Forms NAT2L, GLOBL, INT, and OPTMA™.
ßIII-CNA® wire is also available in 14 inch lengths for custom fabrication applications.
Archwire Sizes Round: .016   .018
Square: .016 x .016   .018 x .018
Rectangle: .016 x .022   .017 x .025   .018 x .025   .019 x .025   .021 x .025
OPTMA available only in .016 x .022   .016 x .025   .017 x .025  .018 x .025
.019 x .025
Length Wire Sizes All of the above wire sizes, as well as .027, .032, .036
Centermark Permanent Etch Centermark.
Custom Packaging See Custom Packaging section.

Force graphs of ßIII-CNA® wires may be found in the Our Support section.

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