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3-Strand Flat
Lingual Retainer Wire

Ultimate's heat-activated, multi-force archwires provide a gradual increase of loads from anterior to posterior regions.

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ßIII-CNA® Mushroom Looped Arches

Looped ArchwiresßIII-CNA® Looped Arches, with preformed Mushroom loops are constructed of our nickel-free Beta Titanium alloy to provide consistent, gentle forces throughout treatment.

ßIII-CNA® Looped Arches provide significant benefits over Stainless Steel looped archwires.

Product Features

Treatment Benefits

Arch Form NAT2 Upper and Lower (proportional with the anterior loop spacing), with 2 Anterior Loops
24-30mm Lower arch form
32-56mm Upper arch form
Wire Sizes .016 x .022   .017 x .025   .019 x .025
Anterior Loop Spacing (measured from center of loops)
  Mushroom Looped: 24mm – 42mm (in 2mm increments) & 46mm, 52mm and 56mm

Mushroom Looped 2-Loop Archwires

Looped Archwires

Unique design provides these benefits over traditional T-Looped archwires:

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