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Even Force™ Springs
Our unique NiTi extension springs exhibit near-constant force through their return and maintain that force to 3X extension of their active coil length without deformation! Available in 9 and 12mm lengths and five force levels.

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Whether your doctors are asking for Nickel Titanium or Stainless Steel springs, chances are we have just what they need. Springs can close spaces, open spaces, tip molars, and even provide distal movement of anterior segments. We are proud to offer Even Force™ Extension Springs which not only exhibit near-constant tooth-moving forces, but do so with little deformation even to 3x the active coil length! They are remarkable springs!
Our Nickel Titanium Compression and Extension springs are also available in Variable and Superelastic forces. To understand the 'workings' of springs more fully, refer to the Spring Basics guide.


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