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Even Force™ Springs
Our unique NiTi extension springs exhibit near-constant force through their return and maintain that force to 3X extension of their active coil length without deformation! Available in 9 and 12mm lengths and five force levels.

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Nickel Titanium Springs Extension (Closed Coil)

NiTi Even Force Springs with Unique Force-identifying Key-ends.Extension, or Closed Coil, springs are used to maintain or close spaces. Ultimate offers extension springs in popular lengths with pre-attached Key-end eyelets. Our Key-ends are attached firmly to the spring and are manufactured with smooth edges and round hole for easy attachment to TADs (Temporary Anchorage Devices), hooks, or brackets to retract teeth.

Introducing our new Even Force™ Constant Force Springs!

Our new Even Force Springs exhibit near-constant unloading forces throughout their return.

Even Force Springs 9mm and 12mm (both with Key-ends)
Spring Sizes and Identification of Forces
Even Force Springs Force
Wire size (in.)
9mm 12mm Key-end ID
(# holes)
Extra-light (XL)
X X 1
Light (L)
X X 2
Medium (M)
X X 3
Heavy (H)
X X 4
Extra-heavy (XH)
X X 5
Ten Even Force Springs are packaged, all one size and force, in clear plastic flip-top boxes.
Sold in individual spring quantity (each).
Custom Packaging See Custom Packaging section. Flip-top box labels are customizable with your name, product brand name, information, and lot and part number.

Force graphs of our premium Nickel Titanium Even Force Springs may be found in the Our Support section.

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As well as our Even Force Spring line, we also offer Nickel Titanium extension springs in both Variable and our original Superelastic forces. Variable extension springs provide gentle tooth-moving forces that gradually decrease during retraction. Our original Superelastic extension springs provide a flatter return slope of tooth-moving forces throughout their activation range than Variable, but not near as constant as Even Force Springs. Further explanation may be found in Spring Basics. Though our original Superelastic Extension springs provide extension without deformation, they do not compare with the resiliency exhibited by Even Force Springs at even greater extensions.

Extension Springs 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm lengths (all with Key-ends)
Spring Sizes
  With attached Key-end Eyelets
    6mm 9mm 12mm 15mm
Variable Force .010 x .030 X X X X
.011 x .030 X X X X
.012 x .030 X X X X
Superelastic Force
Super Light
.009 x .030
  X X  
.010 x .030
  X X  
.011 x .030
  X X  
.012 x .030
  X X  
X Indicates available from stock.

Force graphs of our original Nickel Titanium Extension Springs are available to our customers upon request.

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