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3-Strand Flat
Lingual Retainer Wire

A bondable, flat wire for retention of tooth position. Designed for ductility similar to 8-braid retainer wire. Now available in 6" and 60" lengths!

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Nickel Titanium Springs Distalizing

NiTi DistalizingDistalize molars easily with optimum patient comfort – no headgear or lip bumpers! Nickel Titanium Distalizing Springs are a great alternative for non-compliant patients! The gentle, constant force moves molars with ease. Available in lengths or spools to allow for customized lengths.

Distalizing Springs 7 inch lengths (3 per tube) and 15 inch spools.
Spring Sizes Superelastic Light: .009 x .036
Superelastic Medium: .010 x .036   .010 x .045
Superelastic Heavy: .011 x .036   .011 x .045

Force graphs of Nickel Titanium Distalizing Springs may be found in the Our Support section.



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