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3-Strand Flat
Lingual Retainer Wire

UA bondable, flat wire for retention of tooth position. Designed for ductility similar to 8-braid retainer wire. Now available in 6" and 60" lengths!

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Nickel Titanium Springs Compression

NiTi CompressionCompression, or Open Coil, springs are used to create space between teeth. Compressed during placement, the spring then exerts continuous force against the teeth as they return to original length.

NiTi compression springs are available in both Variable and Superelastic forces.

As further explained in Spring Basics, the tooth-moving force of variable force springs gradually decreases over the activation range. The tooth-moving force of superelastic force springs remains near constant over the activation range. To accommodate your doctors’ preferences, we offer a wide variety of variable and superelastic springs with force levels from light to heavy.

Compression Springs 7 inch lengths (3 per tube) and 15 inch spools.
Spring Sizes
  Variable Superelastic
    Light Medium Heavy
.009 x .030 X      
.010 x .030 X     X
.010 x .036 X      
.010 x .040 X      
.010 x .045 X X    
.011 x .030 X      
.012 x .030 X      
.012 x .040 X      
.012 x .045 X   X  
.014 x .030 X      
.014 x .036 X      
.014 x .045 X      
X Indicates available from stock.

Force graphs of Nickel Titanium Extension Springs may be found in the Our Support section.

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