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Nickel Titanium Springs Class II

Class II SpringsNickel Titanium Extension (Closed coil) springs with pre-attached stainless steel eyelets and ligature wire save your doctors time and inventory. No need to cut springs, handle small attachment ends, or cut & twist lig wire. These are ready to go! Provides distal movement of maxillary anterior segment with intermaxillary ligation. Class II springs have a greater activation range than Stainless Steel springs, and do not require patient compliance as needed with Class II elastics.

Class II Springs (15mm plus attachments) Packaged 10 per tube.
Spring Sizes .007 x .020   .007 x .024   .007 x .026   .007 x .030

Force graphs of Nickel Titanium Class II Springs may be found in the Our Support section.

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