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NiTi Torqued Arches

Precision Nickel Titanium arches with the anterior pre-torqued to 20°. Introduce torque early in upper centrals and laterals!

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SCORE® Crimpable Tube Stop Assembly

Easy handling and placement of crimpable tube stops on archwires!
SCORE® Assemblies are easily gripped disposable holders pre-loaded with crimpable tube stops. The clinician easily threads the tube stop onto the wire, slides it in the precise position desired, releases the holder with a slight pivot, and crimps. Easy!

Color - coded holders are pre-loaded with either a Small or Large crimpable tube stop.
• Tube stops are fully annealed 304SS 2mm long.Crimpable Ball Hooks
    Small tube ID .019”.
    Large tube ID .031”.
• Holders are medical grade polycarbonate.
    Yellow for Small.
    Orange for Large.
• SCORE Assemblies are sterilizable by steam autoclave.
• Flip-top boxes allow for easy dispensing.
• Patent# US 8,376,741.

SCORE® Assembly Sizes: Small Recommended for round .012” through .018” wire.
Large Recommended for
  Square wires up to a max. of .020”x .020”.
    Rectangle wires from .014”x .025” to max. of .019”x .025”.
Ten SCORE Assemblies are packaged, all one size, in clear plastic flip-top boxes.
Sold in units of boxes.
Custom Packaging See Custom Packaging section.


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