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SCORE® Crimpable
Tube Stop Assembly

Easy handling and threading of crimpable tube stops onto wires with these pre-loaded holders!

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Ball Hooks, Stops and Locks

Sometimes it is the little things that matter most. Ultimate’s ball hooks, stops, and stop locks are small but powerful! They provide your customers with the versatility of optimizing archwire configurations. These little parts pack a punch!

Crimpable Ball HooksCrimpable Ball Hooks are a more economical, convenient alternative to pre-posted archwires.

Offered in quantities of 10.
Crimpable Ball Hooks Left, Right, and Straight.

C-Stop Crimpable StopsC-Stop Crimpable Stops firmly grip the archwire to prevent the wire from sliding beyond the adjacent bracket or buccal tube. Can reduce distal end 'pokes'. Provides for greater control of tooth movement. C-Stops may also be used as a stop against compression springs to create or maintain space.

Offered in quantities of 10.
C-Stop Crimpable Stops One size.

Stop LocksCrimpable Tube Stops provide control of the archwire from sliding past the desired location. Stops can reduce emergency patient visits due to wire poking. These small tubes are convenient for use in crowded situations. Our crimpable tube stops are available in two sizes to accommodate most wire sizes.

Small: OD .032" ID .0195"
  Recommended for round .012" through .018" wire.

Large: OD .042" ID .0315"
  Recommended for square wire up to a max. of .020" x .020" .
  Recommended for rectangle wire of .014" x .025" up to a max. of .019" x .025".

Offered in quantities of 25.
Crimpable Tube Stops Small and Large.

Also see our SCORE® Assembly - holders pre-loaded with crimpable tube stops.

Stop Locks continue to be a secure technique for archwire locking. The stop lock base is made of SS303 material, with .022 slot. It slides easily over the archwire and is held firmly by the nut, made of 316L material, with the twist of the wrench.

Offered in quantities of 5.
Stop Locks One size: .022 wire slot.

Stop Lock Wrench One size. (Note: Current offering is 4in. (10.16cm) long with ribs for easy handling.)

Crimpable Split StopsOur Crimpable Split Stops come as a convenient strip of 10 for easy handling. The practitioner can easily remove an individual stop as needed. Made of 304 annealed Stainless Steel, these stops crimp easily but hold tight.

Offered in quantities of 10 strips of 10 stops. Order per strip of 10.
Crimpable Split Stops One size.

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