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Even Force™ Springs
Our unique NiTi extension springs exhibit near-constant force through their return and maintain that force to 3X extension of their active coil length without deformation! Available in 9 and 12mm lengths and five force levels.

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Your customers want high quality products 'yesterday'! No problem! With over 1.5 million parts in our inventory on a daily basis, we can turn your order around quickly. Our customized software system links our product needs from raw material all the way through manufacturing, inventory, order entry, packaging, and shipping. Throughout the process, bar code technology is used to provide efficient processing of your orders while maintaining lot traceability for your, as well as your customers’ protection.

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Less handling at your end can save you time and money. Begin with our trusted, high quality products for reduced receiving inspection time, and you can get what you need into your customers' hands quicker. In addition, our team will work with you to

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Quality of orthodontic products goes deep beyond the surface; what you see is only the beginning. Our engineers ensure that the performance of our products meet today's demanding practices. We are glad to provide you with sound data to support your sales efforts. Force charts, SDS, as well as product features and benefits are readily available.

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